Pinck-Heerkens House

The structure consists of four storeys with ceiling heights ranging from two to three metres. Vertical circulation previously involved ladders, steep stairways and delivery hatches primarily located beside the closed south wall. Direct sunlight is limited and enters the building through a small collection of windows in the south eastern corner while the north elevation offers the sole view outwards - towards the Felix Meritis and the block’s enclosed open space.

The thrust of the design is carried by an open, three-storey-high space in the heart of the building. This intervention connects the three upper floors creating direct spatial relationships between the various living areas. The new window in the north elevation allows daylight to stretch deep into the building while simultaneously opening the interior to the open space within the block. A new rooflight allows direct sunlight to penetrate all three floors.

The new window openings enhance its relationship with the outdoors while the large window in the central space strengthens the visual connection with the Westertoren, the Felix Meritis and the tree. Patio doors lead from the new dining area to the roof of one of the aforementioned ground floor extensions.


Pinck-Heerkens House
284 m2
Duyts Bouwconstructies
Stolk Bouwmaatschappij